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Topic Title: preheat tempearture
Created on December 11, 2010 at 07:44 PM


When I first got my grill this past August I noticed it would preheat to about 450 degrees in about 20 minutes. Now with the temperature outside today around 39 degrees it will only preheat to 400 degrees in 20 minutes. Is this normal because of the differences in summer and winter temperatures? I like to grill all year but will I have a problem here in the northeast as the temperatures get colder?


That seems about normal for the newer grills. Around 450 or so in the heat of the summer (no wind) and around 400 in cool weather. A breezy or windy day will also keep temps down. Hope that helps!


i have three holland grills. all are a little differnt on temps. just remember in cold to ad a little time for your cook. slow and low is always better. i have lowered my temp on purpose at times to slow down my cooks


You know you can adjust the temperature with a Holland by "tuning" the shutter on the backside of the temp control knob. Look inside the cabinet at the backside of the knob or the owners manual for more information.

Another tip is if you want to reach much higher temps put a cast skillet in your Holland for about 30 minutes with the lid closed. The skillet will insulate temp better than the cooking surface as it is thicker so it will get about 100 degrees hotter. Works great for sear cooking.


The air-shutter is not used to adjust the temp on the grill! It is used to adjust the gas/air mixture so you have a blue flame with small yellow tips, which is the optimum mixture.
If your flame is all blue, too much air. This is a "lean" mixture which can blow out while still putting gas into the grill!
If your flame has a lot of yellow/orange, not enough air. This is a "rich" mixture which will not give a clean heat & will smoke up your food with soot if too rich.