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Topic Title: Rump Shake
Created on January 1, 2011 at 06:26 PM


Is the new chicken and chop rub the same as the rump shake that is no longer listed on the website?


Yep. Same stuff, new name. I think some yankees were put off by the "Rump shake" name.


this yank was not bothered by the name, but was really set back by the rebels that started putting the rubs in tiny little bottles and charging the same price!! what's up with that????

Johnny Reb

You are still getting your money's worth.. The yankee currency just ain't worth much these days.


ya'll still us'n that large paper money from the civil war? we told ya all to switch over when we went thru atlanta


Another yankee here feeling the same about the new smaller size but same price! What is up with that? Please call it whatever you like but keep the size and price the same as before.


It was 5.99 before, it's 3.99 now.

Johnny reb

Try that argument with Exxon and Shell and see where it gets ya


my deale marked 5,99 same as the big'uns used to be


hate pop ups when i'm typing with two fingers. tried to say that my dealer in ohio has the small bottles at 5,99 same sa the big'uns used to be

Johnny Again

Check the website....


looked at web site. you are paying a lot more per once [understand things go up] and getting less that's what i'm saying, leave it in same botle and raise the price if it needed to be. but don't do both


The price on the "rump shake" is BS. Gonna try something else.....

The Holland Company

The price of the larger bottles was $5.99. Suggested retail for the Chicken & Chop in the smaller bottles is $3.99 which can be purchased at this site. Thanks.


That chicken and chop rub is great. I found a lot of new recipes that use it in my new Holland cookbook. Like putting it on vegetables and in casseroles. Have you gotten a cookbook from the Holland website. It was money well spent.


The "rump shake" was 5.99 for 13oz and the new rub is 3.99 for 3.2oz. You do the math. Anyone got any ideas on another rub on chicken and pork?


let me see if i got this wright. the old price was less then .50 cents on once, right, and well worth it. now it si 1.25 once.....mmmmm i really like it but that hurts.not denying any company a price increase in these times but that's out of line, i think


If you really like it, buy it. If not, buy something else. The price hasn't changed since you started complaining....get used to it or move on


Ive never used it yet but gotta agree I can remember gas at 50-60 cents oh well.. im still living.


Hey BBQFREAK what happened to your post? Last nite we read it and now it is gone. Looked on other topics and not there either, was sure it was here. The page is full but don't see how to get to page 2?


No page two. He must have said something dumb and it got deleted!


What? I love my grill, paid good money & it is well worth it. Someone is going to complain about a few bucks for seasoning after paying 899+ for their grill. Get real. And I agree about the gas price thing. We are all still living.


hey dubsduty, it's me. they keep me on a short leash round here. the post your talking bout i think i mentioned competitions brand and they git upity bout that, sorry


Find the competition's website and talk all you want on there...bye, now!


Thanks AJ!


hate pop ups when i'm typing with two fingers. tried to say that my dealer in ohio has the small bottles at 5,99 same sa the big'uns used to be

My Ohio dealer has the small bottles at 3.99


which dealer? the one fromsouth of dennison ohio that does the tuscarawas county fair had his at 5.99 at fair time.


The dealer in Orrville.



the demonstrator

All the dealers should have the price at $3.50 to $3.99 on the small bottles. If you see it marked wrong at one of the dealers have them call their supplier to check the price.