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Topic Title: cooked this week 1-8-11
Created on January 8, 2011 at 10:33 PM

Captain Steve

The first week of the year trying to keep track of how offen I ued the grill. Ham cooked monday, skiabob beef tuesday,pork loin wed. and pork chops Sat. Four time this year so far, Same griil since 1992. Captain Steve


WOW ! we just got ours and hope it will last that long! what have you had to replace? any?

Captain Steve

In the time I have owned it replace the smoke stacks the were black now ss and the screen in front that controls the air flow and the black post rusted out put on differnt base. Tonight it was pork ribs one rack greek dry and one with Sonny sauce. That make 5 time this year. We have two teenage boys or disposal so feeding four all the time. Captain Steve


I use mine 4-5 times a week mine is from 04/88


I've used mine 4 times since January 1st. and if I could I would use it every day. I bought my Holland grill mid August 2010 and I have cooked on it 40 times since then. Everything I've cooked on it has turned out great! I keep saying "why didn't I buy this sooner"


Thanks for the poss. feedback Captain, Kevin and Bob!
Just got our 12/17/2010 and have used it probably 10-12 times. Everything has been fine. well worth the 25-30 bucks for the thermometer (chordless). The right backside is the hottest area, not sure why it wouldnt heat more even (of course around the edges should be hotter duh) than it does but I can live with that!

grillin gal 76

I have found that I use my grill more often since I got the new Holland cookbook- so far we have made the macaroni and cheese, the margarita chicken, cooked a turkey (a freebie leftover from the holidays) steaks and grilled onions- still I bow to the master go Cpt Steve!!