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Topic Title: Side Burner
Created on January 15, 2011 at 09:12 PM

Tom Kirkman

Bought a Holland Apex this morning. Already grilled some steaks. Held a steady 455F for an hour. This type of consistency makes perfect grilling a snap. However...

I would have liked to dump my other "grill" (I use that term lightly, now) but it has a side burner that we often use for messy cooking like bacon, etc. Easier to do that outside than in the kitchen with all the splatter and smell.

I would love to see a side burner attachment for the Holland. Something that could be retrofitted to all recent models. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. That would make it a single, complete cooking system for anything.


they are supposed to come out with a new side burner. it was to be out last summer. don't know if it is out yet have not seen much on here bout it. i have two of the old stlye ones and they are great. i think the new one will be auto lite and look smoother then the old ones, fom what i was told.


I'm waiting patiently for the new side burner as well.


Try cooking your bacon on your grill, I do it all the time turns out great just have to check it a little more often

Tom Kirkman

If they do offer a side burner, I'll be the first to buy it. Look forward to seeing one offered.


Holland keeps saying that its in the works until they can up with one that matches the Searmate so the grill looks the same on both sides. That was about 2 years ago since I was given that response. I think it took less time to invent the Searmate. I too am waiting for the new sideburner. Every other grill at Home Depot and Lowes has one, why don't we? Taking too lnog! They discontinued the original sideburner the same year I bought my Heritage+ So I wait!

Tom Kirkman

The sideburners I see on the grills at Lowes (other than the one on the Blue Ember grills) really look cheap. Hopefully Holland will put out a quality unit. I don't mind paying a bit more for a good, solid unit.


Are they ever going to offer it again?