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Topic Title: temperature for chicken
Created on January 19, 2011 at 05:16 PM

Tom Kirkman

Just got the cookbook (made me hungry already) and on the inside cover it lists some approximate times for cooking items on the Holland.

For chicken breasts it says "12-15 minutes per side at 180F"

My Hollands cooks at only one temp - 440F. How much do you think I should adjust for this? Half the time?

Tom Kirkman

Oops! Never mind, just figured it out - that's the inside meat temp. Sorry.

bbq gal

Hey the new cookbook is awesome!! We had the margarita chicken last night and it had the sweet tart flavor I loved - even my husband noticed- It went well with the lemon rice which I just made in the rice cooker- Has anyone else found a favorite recipe yet?? Next week we are trying the pina colada chicken with pineapple and coconut - guess I'll buy two drink concentrates one to enjoy while the other one is used in cookin ha ha

Jeff G

180 is kinda high for chicken breasts, 165 sounds more like it.

Roger T

As Jeff says, 165/170 is fine for white meat like chicken or turkey breast. Dark meat, like the thighs, really need a full 180 to be properly done.

Brent Colvin

As for temps, I went down to my local propane company and purchased a regulator years ago. Now I can lower the temp to 250 and slow cook Baby Backs. I also installed a temp gauge on my Classic, Makes it very easy to keep a constant temp. My 95 is still going strong.

luv to grill

/As a biologist and former restraunt owner I can say the industry standard is the temp of 180 - that's what it takes to kill all the microbes and critters that live in commercial chicken- However if you raise chickens, buy organic, and/or very fresh a temp of 165 should be okay- remember the chicken continues to cook for a few minutes after you take it off the grill - by the way we tried the 5 pepper rub on some chicken (the recipe is in the new cookbook) and it was great (and I took my chicken off the grill at 175 degrees)

Scott D

The Holland results in the best chicken breasts I have ever had. My wife and kids give cannot stop raving about how great they are whenever I cook them. Just some rub and on the grill. Temp probe in middle of thickest part. Chicken needs to hit 165 degrees for (if I remember exactly) 5.2 seconds to kill off the bad stuff. Since there is some rise in temps upon rest I usually pull 162-164 degrees and worry when I see the temp climb to 167-170 degrees. Don't know why because they're never dry. But a word of warning, if your used to dried out rubber then the first time you cook chicken to perfection you will be weary that it is done. As long as it hit 165 degrees it is safe (according to the USDA food and safety inspection service). Yes, chicken can be moist and juicy, and the Holland cooks them to perfection every time.


Well said, Scott

Tom Kirkman

I agree. While I tend to prefer steaks and hamburgers on a regular grill, the Holland cannot be beat for chicken or fish. They're much juicer than when I've cooked the same on a regular grill. I've done chicken 5 times in the past couple weeks and they turn out great.