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Topic Title: Installing drip pan valve?
Created on January 22, 2011 at 07:45 PM

Tom Kirkman

Still can't figure out how to install the drip pan valve. The drip pan tube is 1.5 inches from the interior wall of the grill. The valve control extends 2 inches from the drip tube. No way to spin it on. What am I missing? Thanks.


Screw the drip pan tube onto the drip pan while it is outside of the grill. Tighten then place the drip pan into the grill. Next screw the valve onto the tube and you are done.



Tom Kirkman

None of these suggestions will work. If I install the valve first, the drip pan tube will no longer fit through the case opening.

If I put the drip pan in place, the drip pan tube is too close to the grill body to allow me to screw the valve on.

I'm stumped.

@ Tom


Which grill model are you talking about?

If you have an Epic or Apex with a cabinet, try tilting the drip pan up a bit on the left side to move the bottom end of the pipe away from the inside cabinet wall. Once you get the valve on, lay the drip pan down flat. Worked for me.


Yea what the last post said works. Also make sure the valve is parallel with the pipe.

Tom Kirkman

After many months and needing to try and "steam clean" my drip pan, I tried again to install my drip pan valve. No way, no how. It ain't happening.

I'm pretty astute and even tried tipping the drip pan as suggested. No way. Not even close. I can only get about a 1" lean and I need a full 3 inches to get the valve to turn.

Even visited my dealer, taking my drip pan and valve to see if he could do it on the Apex he has in stock. He couldn't figure out how to do it either.

Any other suggestions? I've looked at this thing over and over and see now way to get the valve installed other than seeking a different type valve.


Being a dealer & have assembled a number of these. I must admit the valve will scrape the inside of the cabinet even in the open position(handle pointed down)but I always tilt up the pan on the left side as to minimize the scraping.

Tom Kirkman

Mine would require more than scraping - you'd have to cut a hole in the side of the cabinet. I'll try to upload a photo in a moment. Like I said, even with the pan up and titled as far as possible, we're not even close.

Tom Kirkman


Here the pan is up and tilted as far as it will go. Like I said, we're not even close.

Even if I cut the valve butterfly knob back the nut holding it on would still hit the side of the cabinet.

I did notice just a while ago while visiting a local Holland dealer, that the Hollands they sell have a different type valve. I may look into getting the same valve that they have, although this is what mine came with.


Your valve has a different handle than the newer ones.
The valve itself is the same but the ones I have at my store have a lever type valve that will clear the side a little easier. See if you can get a dealer to sell you one of the new ones at their cost.

Tom Kirkman

Thanks, that might be the best way to go. I guess Holland never checked the clearance on this particular valve before supplying it.

Tom Kirkman

Bought a valve and installed it easily. Not sure why mine came with the valve it did, but all is well now.

I plan to do some "steaming" this evening. Shrimp and corn. Will report back with cooking times and results.