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Topic Title: searmate
Created on February 5, 2011 at 12:22 AM

Tom Kirkman

I think I may order a searmate. Assuming I normally cook my steaks on my Apex at 8 minutes per side, if I sear for a minute each side, should I just reduce the final grilling into the holland to 6 and 6?

How much normal grilling time do you remove once you sear? Thanks.


Tom, I sear my steaks on my searmate for 90 seconds per side then I've figured out it takes about 1/4 the normal total grilling time in additional time on the Holland. So, if you normally grill steaks 10 min per side but now sear them 90 seconds per side, it takes me about only 5 more minutes or so on the Holland to finish them (1/4 of 20 minutes) At least that's worked for me so far. Good luck. I do love that seared flavor.


Did a steak on my new grill and searmate for the 1st time tonight. I seared a 1" strip steak 60 sec on a 45° angle, then rotated 90° to put the steak 45° in the other direction for 60 sec. to get a nice "checkerboard" pattern. Same for the other side. I then grilled the steak in the center of the mail grill for 8 mins (no turning since it was already seared on both sides. After 8 mins the steak was 145°. (I know you shouldn't do it, but I used a remote temp probe while I'm experimenting with the new grill.)


Fantastic. Good to know. The first attempt at searing I just deducted the time there on the searmate, and the steaks came out very dry.I'll reduce the time in the oven.