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Topic Title: Odd part on Apex?
Created on February 5, 2011 at 09:45 PM

Tom Kirkman

I was swapping out propane tanks this evening and noticed a ball-chain affixed to a brass rod fitted with a copper alligator clip taped up under the burner area.

Does anyone know what this is for? I can't find anything in the instruction manual that shows or explains it.

@ Tom

It's called the "Lighting clip & chain". Look in the Parts section under the 08' Apex (Item 35).
Hollands have had these for years, but not many people need them anymore.
On older grills without igniters & before the long neck butane lighter, you could clip a kitchen match in the clip & stick it in next to the burner to light the grill.
They leave it on now in case your igniter goes out.

Tom Kirkman

Fantastic. That's a nice touch. Thanks.