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Topic Title: Searmate Mods?
Created on February 9, 2011 at 09:50 PM

Tom Kirkman

I will probably send Holland a note about this in a day or so, but wanted to post here in case they monitor this forum.

I just purchased a new Searmate for my Apex. Once again the service was fantastic and the unit is extremely well designed and made. I got the stainless model. Very, very nice.

My problem is the weight of the stainless Searmate. It tends to pull the side of the Apex box out a bit and for that reason the unit doesn’t sit level. It’s down a few degrees to the right and the drip pan wants to slide out a bit if you move the grill around. I’m guessing it’s down by a few degrees anyway.

I wonder if it would hurt anything to try and rig up a support of some type, or shim the bottom attachment bolts with a couple stainless washers to true the unit up.?

Finally, should a new side burner come on the market I do plan to buy one of those. Hopefully it will be constructed to fit the left hand side of the grill so you don’t have to choose between the two - I’d like to have and use both!


Could you post some pictures of this problem

Tom Kirkman

If I can figure out how to post them I will - I tried photos once before explaining why the drip pan valve can't be installed on my Apex and couldn't get them to show up.

I sort of wish I had gotten the aluminum searmate model now, as the weight would have been far less.


The steps to post pictures are pretty easy.
First look at the top of the post and you'll see where it says "First, upload image to your reply". Below that you'll see Primary Image on the left side. On the right side click on choose image. Another page will appear. On that page click on choose an image from your computer. Find the image file you want to upload (I usually put the file I want on mu desktop so I can find it easily) then click on submit image. It will then upload and you will see it next to the words Primary Image on the first page.
Type your message and then submit your post.
I hope this helps.


Thanks. For the time being we have shimmed the bottom bracket mounting screws so that the bracket is angled upwards, then when the substantial weight of the Searmate is placed on the bracket and the grill sides bow out, the Searmate is now approximately level.

Will still likely rig up a brace/support at some point.

b sads

I too have noticed this on my Legacy model. I added the regular searmate to it and noticed that it leans to the side a few degrees. The base does not seem to designed for the added weight of this add on unit.

Also there is no handle on the searmate to move the unit around. This makes it very cumbersome to roll the grill around.


Same problem on my Heritage Plus. When I slow cook with water in the drip pan I can't fill it up full because its not level and water will run off the right side long before the water level reaches where it should be on the left. Also waiting for the new side burner to balance things out!