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Topic Title: Problems with protective material
Created on February 12, 2011 at 04:01 PM

Tom Kirkman

I mentioned a couple days ago that I had lucked into an old side burner, new in the box.

Last night, we began trying to remove the blue protective material from the stainless surfaces. Two hours of work has served to remove less than 3 square inches of the stuff. It comes off in tiny matchead sized pieces, if at all.

Not sure what to try next. Don't want to bead blast the unit but there is no way that this stuff is coming off by hand. I guess it's been on there too long or something. If anyone here has experienced similar I'd appreciate knowing how you got the stuff off. Thanks.


Yes it was on there too long. Try rubbing alcohol.


try using WD-40, let it set for 10-minutes, or so, before trying to remove the film


Solvents didn't touch it. Not even close!

We ended up taking an orbital sander to it, still took about 6 hours to get it all ground off. Then sanded with a little finer grade to get it looking pretty good.

This stuff had gotten hard as a rock and wasn't coming off by any easy method.