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Topic Title: Searing and grill marks
Created on April 12, 2008 at 11:26 PM


We just bought and used a Holland grill for the first time. We cooked steaks and they didn't seem as tasty as when we would sear them on our old grill. Plus they didn't look as aesthically pleasing since they had very, very light grill marks. My husband commented that they almost looked like they were broiled. Are we doing something wrong? Or does it get any better once the grill has been cooked on a few times? Thanks for any advice!


Terry ( Illinois )

Hi Patty,
Unfortunately with a Holland you give up the capability to sear meat at high heat. Of course you would only need to do that sor a couple of minutes on each side, then lower the heat.
I also miss the grill marks but I think my steaks taste as good as any others. Try leting the grill reach maximum temp, about 20 minutes and place your steaks towards the back of the grill. It's usually hotter near the edge.
You also might use a cast iron press to enhance the grid style marks. Be sure the press does not have a wood handle. You could also lay a cast iron grate over the grill surface to get the straght lines.
I hope this works for you. As your new grill gets seasoned, the flavor will hook you for life.


I love the Holland for everything but steaks and burgers, I actually have a charcoal grill for those. I think you are a two grill family to get them all done right. The holland folks might not agree, but the proofs in the pudding (or steak) CR


I have devised a steak procedure that works fine for me & they are exceptional.
Have your steaks out of the fridge & preseasoned before you light the grill so they will not be so cold.
Preheat the grill a few extra minutes (40 min+-) to get the internal parts to max temp (over 400).
Grab 1 steak with tongs, lift the lid just a few inches & slide the steak towards the back then drop the lid. Repeat until all steaks are in. DO NOT OPEN THE LID ALL THE WAY! Keep that heat in the grill. Although they do not sear black, they brown very nicely & are very juicy & flavorful. Good luck!


Thanks everybody! I really appreciate the help. I'm looking forward to some delicious steaks!


Brian A

In this case, everyone has a valid point. The Holland is tops for so many different foods. But it is not necessarily made to sear meat. When you go to a Brazilian steakhouse, for example, the meats are cooked over lump charcoal in a rotisserie style. The flavor is awesome!
OldGuy had a good solution too! But like going to a rock concert, the musicians bring a variety of instruments! CR has the right idea in having two grills. Even though I have the Holland, I still plan to get a grill for lump charcoal.