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Topic Title: Jealousy
Created on February 21, 2011 at 10:54 PM

Tom Kirkman

It's amazing how grilling "friends" become jealous when you tell them you've bought a Holland.

One guy began telling me how the Holland could never give you that great charcoal taste. He said grilled food should have that slightly "burned taste."

So... I served him a hamburger cooked on the Holland. He ate it and didn't say a word. This weekend I cooked again and he sampled it. Didn't say word other than they he thinks the cooking grid on the Hollard will soon warp. Or that I'll have to replace parts every year (he claims that gas grills require constant parts replacement - I mentioned that my Apex has a lifttime burner warranty.)

He no longer says a word about the food (I can tell it's the most delicious he's ever eaten) so now he's throwing off on the grill itself. He's struggling to find something that must be wrong, but so far hasn't been able to (he was impressed with the burner and the ignitor).

My guess is that he'll own a Holland within the next 3 months.


Wait until you cook him a beer can chicken or a boneless pork loin.....he'll be SOLD!


Not sure whether its jealousy, grill envy or just a lack of knowledge of what a darn versatile grill a Holland is.

I've got 3 Hollands a SS Legacy, Classic and a Companion. Been cooking on them for a little over 14 years. Singing the praises mostly on deaf ears until a unknowing subject tastes something off the grill.

I've found most folks just don't want to try something different or be different (read own a grill that isn't as well known, advertsed, or mass produced) than what thier neighbor has sitting on thier deck and in many cases just gets fired up to do a burger,dog or occaisional steak.

I'm sure their are folks on here like myself who own other grills besides a Holland and realizes Holland takes a back seat to NONE on finished product off the grill, service, parts support or dependability.

I know 14 years ago when I bought my first Holland I was skeptical took me about two years to finally admit to myself dang this is a good grill which was really a BGOTO (blinding glimpse of the obvious).

Tom I'm with you your friend will take the leap shortly and won't look back nor regret it.