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Created on February 24, 2011 at 09:28 PM


I'm curious how many Holland owners used indirect cooking with their old "flamethrower" grills?


Still do with great results on both my Weber Genesis and AOG 24PC.

Jeff G

I cook mostly indirect on my Primo's. My APEX was what started me cooking mostly indirect.


I still do also. Goes back to the old adage its the cook not the cooker that produces the chow. Got to admit its almost too easy on a Holland though.

Tom Kirkman

My Blue Ember has plates over the burner so it didn't flare up, much. But you couldn't close the lid and just let it cook - it would go to 600F to 700F in a hurry.

The Holland is fool proof. Once you cook a few meals and learn the times required for your taste, you just shut the lid and let the grill do the work, expecting perfect results every time.


Tom what temp does your new holland run?