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Topic Title: Streak Going
Created on February 24, 2011 at 09:33 PM


Since buying my Holland in Raleigh 2 Saturdays ago, I've cooked on it every night except for 1 night (date night with my wife to our favorite pizza parlor) and the weekend I was out of town.

Last night did the Sunday Chicken recipe (with my own, traditional spice combo in the breading. Turned out GREAT!!! Told my wife she may never have to cook again (except for her signature lasagne!).


be sure and buy replacement parts before they discontinue selling them! I found the hard way.

@ larry

Mind telling us which model you have & how old it is. I know the bottom shells are not available for some of the older models, but all the internal parts should be replaceable with current parts.


It's a legacy. What parts would I need to buy that would be in danger of being discontinued?

Gary O

Don't worry.
The only part that you can't get from Holland is the top & bottom shell. They are stainless on your model & will not rust through. All the internal parts are replaceable with current parts. If you'r still worried, call Holland.