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Topic Title: cleaned burner
Created on February 26, 2011 at 05:56 PM


i have a tradition, early one, completely dismantled & CLEANED EVERYTHING. during assembly, bottom of grill is starting to rust out so i put some fender washers on bolts to keep burner bolts from pulling through. anyways for some reason after assembly you cant see the flame through the peek hole, & wont cook evenly across grate. what did I do wrong?????

@ ron

Did you clean out the inside of the burner? Do you have anything blocking the gas valve?
You are not getting enough gas into the burner or through the burner, so check everything from the burner down to the tank.
BTW...You do not need to take the burner out of the grill to clean it. Check in grill care tips.


yes, cleaned inside of burner, & should be getting plenty of gas.

@ ron

If you are sure the burner is clean & the gas valve/orifice are clear, you have a hose & regulator problem. This is assuming that your uneven heating is from the burner not getting enough gas.
When you cleaned out the burner, did you possibly blow air into the burner? If you did you may have partially blocked the insect screens inside the burner. Always vacuum the burner out from the front of the grill.
Lastly, the flame deflector directly above the burner must be completely level. If it is even slightly higher on one side, more heat will go to that side.