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Topic Title: burner on Companoin
Created on March 7, 2011 at 10:18 PM


Bought a nice little Companion gas model. Great!

I noticed the burner and heat shield inside the bottom of the unit are slanted hard to the left hand side. Is this normal or was it assembled improperly??


Neithr of my Companions is as you describe. Heat shield is level.

@ Rolly

This doesn't sound right. I think its been bent. Take it back to the dealer & let him compare it to another new Companion.

Tom Kirkman

I just bought one. The heat shield is lower on one side than the other. Much, much lower, but it looks like it's designed that way - one support is only 2/3rds as high as the other. Now you guys have me worried!

Arthur M

There are 2 LP Companion models, One with folding legs & one with straight non-folding legs.
They are a bit different inside. Since none of you has indicated which model number you have, its hard to determine if there is a problem or not.
Do this. Get the model number & serial number & call Holland. 1-800-880-9766 Don't keep guessing.

Tom Kirkman

Mine is the folding leg model I assume it's new - I just bought it from a dealer who moves a lot of these units.

The part that slopes is listed as the "flame deflector assembly."

It sits about an inch lower on the left than on the right. The supports look like they're made for it to be that way.

Arthur M

Sounds normal for the newer BH212MG-2 model with folding legs.
If it heats & cooks even, it's good. Enjoy.

Tom Kirkman

I think they're that was on purpose to provide clearance for the slope of the drip pan. I looked at mine closely today and nothing is bent or out of place. The support on the left side is made lower than the one on the right.