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Topic Title: Heaven - MUST TRY
Created on March 12, 2011 at 08:46 PM


Perfect synthesis of meat and grill. If you are near a Meat House (, buy some of the Meat House Original marinated beef tips. Filet mignon tips melt in your mouth came out GREAT on the Holland. I used to bring these back from Boston business trips when I lived in W. PA. Brought some back from Apex, NC when I went to buy my Holland grill. Yum.


I have thought about getting some of their stuff but i kinda want make my own concoction.

I'll prb try it


I wish I had the skills to come up with my own concoctions. I just used the Holland to make a London Broil using another of my favorite store bought sauces. Family grocery chain Ukrops (only in central VA) carried a sauce called House London Broil sauce. I seasoned the london broil, marinated overnight in the London Broil sauce and reserved the excess to cover each side as it cooked. Had another jar to heat up as a gray. Yum. Fat kid candy.