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Topic Title: Need help in a hurry!
Created on April 20, 2008 at 06:11 PM


I just purchased my Holland Grill (epic) yesterday. Last night's grilled chicken was awesome. Now I want to try someting a little more involved and have invited friends over for dinner TONIGHT. I have a pork loin (1.5 lbs) that I have been marinating for last night. How long should I cook it? I am trying to use "Brad's Pork Loin" recipe and it says 2-3 hours for a 5lb loin, but I 'm not sure how long to allow for my 1.5lb loin. Any quick help would be great!


let it go 45 mins. per side, if you have a meat thermometer, aim for 140 degrees.


Thanks a million. It turned out great!


For 1.5lb I would say about 1 hour or less. But I would aim for about 180 inside. Pork should be this warm.


Ted you are correct, The Holland cookbook says 170 for medium. He said it was good though.......


155 to 160 is the new temp for pork and is safe. the trich worm is dead at 139.