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Topic Title: Sear Mate installation
Created on March 21, 2011 at 08:02 PM


I thinking about buying a Sear Mate to go on my 14 yr.old Legacy grill. I've downloaded the owners manual and installation guide but I'm a bit unsure about installing it myself. Anybody that has had the experience of doing your own installing I'd like to know how difficult it was. And what pit falls should I look out for?
Thanks for the help.
Skip (in VA.)


I put one on and old Classic. Very easy install. Removed a side shelf and the bolt holes line up perfectly.



I just put in my new searmate stainless last week, I love it. My grill is is a premier stainlss and is one of the first stainless grills that Brad had made. The only thing I had to do is drill two holes that did not line up. It installed in probably 30 minutes and I love it, the best of both worlds in grilling.