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Topic Title: Searmate Support
Created on April 3, 2011 at 07:27 PM

Tom Kirkman


I love my Holland, but never really liked the way the searmate and side burner mounted to the main grill body. My SS searmate is heavy enough that it pulled the grill body side out enough so that the searmate sagged a good 1/2 inch side to side.

Recently I installed a couple braces to shore it up to the grill cabinet and get it level. Made a world of difference and now I don't worry about it eventually harming my Apex grill body.


Tom: I talked to a fellow at the factory and he suggested using a couple of washers between the Searmate body and the grill body to help level the Searmate. I haven't begun installation yet but I'm going to try this and see if it works.

Tom Kirkman

Yes, that will work, sort of - I've already tried it. But while it will level your searmate, it won't take the pressure off the grill body which is the main problem.

The grill body is not designed to have that much weight attached to the side of it. I think a better idea, and one that I'd jump on in a second, would be a side cabinet bolted to the grill cabinet that would support the searmate on top of it AND add some additional storage capacity underneath for things like spice jars, the half rack, cooking utencils, etc.


I see what you're saying and I agree with your idea about a cabinet. It looks like this is something Holland should address and provide a "factory" fix for this problem.