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Topic Title: Input on Companion
Created on April 4, 2011 at 10:56 PM


I am looking to get input on the Companion.We do alot of camping and i currently use charcoal.However i have been researching the companions and would like to hear the pros and and if any cons regarding these grills.I currently have the Hooland Classic.15 yrs and going.I love it.Would not trade it in for the world.


I absolutely recommend the Comapnion.

Pro's, you still get the great Holland taste on the small grill. Very easy to pack and take along in your M/H or TT. Can use it with either small propane cylinders or buy (recommend doing so) the attachement to hook up to a 20# cylinder. Quality construction and you already know of Hollands great support.

Con's, Holland should include the hose and fitting to hook up to a 20# cylinder. Other than that, I don't see any other cons.

I debated for years to get a Companion. I also have a Classic and Legacy. Finally pulled the trigger about 2 years ago and take it along in the M/H all the time. I since snagged second one off Craigslist and gave that one to my sister and she lugs it around in her 5th wheel.


Do it. My first Holland was a Companion. I take my Companion camping & cook all of the things I want from the cookbook. The camping neighbors do double takes when they see individual meatloaves & stuffed mushrooms on our grill.
Do get the hose though. I do agree they should include it. I lengthened mine with brass barb fittings, 5' of the same type hose & some clamps so it could reach the propane bottle on the front of my camper.

Tom Kirkman

The Companion cooks just like the full sized Hollands. I bought one and tried it a couple times. Works great and the cooking times are about the same as for the full sized models if you use the medium regulator setting.

I got a temp gauge and installed it in the lid just so I'd know where I was in that respect.


Yea i had already made the decision if i bought one that i would definately purchase the hose adapter and travel bag.I carry a extra tank in the TT so only makes sense to to that instead of the small bottles.Thanks for the input.I think my decison has been made!


Our little companion is awesome! It heats up quickly and is very mobile- There are only two of us at home now and the Companion is the perfect size for the two of us- also the stainless finish insures it will stay looking good for years and will not rust like those cheap grills- the handle is a little thin but you don't really tote it around much. We just got a patriot too for charcoal grilling- it is full size tho and not as portable-

Kyle Smith

Well i took the plunge.Ordered my Companion and it should arrive on my doorstep today.I got the carry bag and the hose conversion.Cant wait to try it out...


I'm sure you will enjoy it.

FYI Party City has the perfect size disposable aluminum pan to use in the drip tray as a liner to catch the dripping. Been the cheapest place I've found them.

Tom Kirkman

One thing I'd recommend is picking up a temp gauge and installing it in the lid. With the 3 position fuel valve, you suddenly have an advantage in keeping your temp constant. Here's how...

Every time you open the lid on a Holland you lose heat and are apt to find the temp drops by as much as 100F. So you have to adjust cooking times to allow for the tempt to come back up.

With your Companion, and the temp gauge installed, you will find that once preheated, you can maintain about 400F on medium, if not low. So when you open the lid to add or flip food, and the temp drops, crank it up to HIGH for a minute and the tempt will quickly climb back to 400F. At that point, cut the valve back to medium or low and cook away.

Bill r

Just purchased my companion also, can't wait to use this weekend. Need to get the cook book.


On the temp gauge check to see if the old style is still available.
The new one will work but with the old one you only need to drill one hole, not 3 holes.

Stafford P

The old round thermometer is no longer available. The current oval thermometer actually works better on a Companion because it is not as high on the outside & the probe is not as long on the inside.
Mount it on top between the stacks. Use the chrome bezel for a template to locate the 3 holes.


Well been awhile since i have checked in on the message board.The Companion is awesome.Would not trade it for anything.I have used it multiple times on camping trips already.Only problem now is i am the chef all of the time.Everyone leaves their grill at home and want me to cook.


i must be the odd-ball... or i got a lemon... mine heats unevenly when it worked, on both 20# and 1# systems. just this past week-end at my 5 year old grand daughter birthday party. could only use it as a "warmer" to keep the burgers and dogs warm. the regulator need to be compressed to keep a good flame, so wal-mart grill filled in and did a fine job. ordered new regulator, so we'll see.


Be sure you are turning off the gas at the regulator first & then at the bottle.


We live in an apartment complex and didn't want to buy a bulky expensive grill that couldn't be cleaned or stored easily. The price was within budget and all stainless seemed the way to go.

I grill year-round and as Hank Hill says "...with propane you taste the meat not the heat..." - the Companion works flawlessly, time after time with no flareups!

I bought a thermometer and adapter for the #20 tank making this the ideal setup. Recently "The Meat House' opened nearby, a fantastic and highly recommended old time butcher shop - the combination is truly spectacular.

If you only buy one grill make it the Companion!


Well i smoked my first slab of ribs on the companion.I must say i was pretty impressed.It only took about 3 hours.This was with St. Louis style ribs.