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Topic Title: No Smoke
Created on April 10, 2011 at 08:06 PM


I cannot get smoke from my Heritage grill and I have followed all the suggested methods. I preheat for 30 minutes and use the chip tray set in the far left corner. I've tried both the flav-o-buds smoke pellets and small wood chips. I figured that during the winter the grill just wasn't getting hot enough. Today when I grilled it was 73 degrees so I figured it should be warm enough. I preheated for 30 minutes and the lid thermometer showed 420 degrees. I was using some flav-o-buds that had only blackened from the last time along with some fresh wood chips. I grilled for 90 minutes and never saw smoke come out the stacks. The chips only got black but never turned to white ash. I'm wondering if drilling some small holes in the chip tray might help. Is anyone else having so much trouble getting smoke?