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Topic Title: Used Grill B4421SG-2
Created on April 23, 2008 at 01:48 AM


Just purchased one for $50
Little rust,looking forward to using it this summer in Vermont. Never heard of a Holland Grill and rather excited to begin using it.

So was this model worth the price?


The SG-2 model is the old "Classic". Probably the most popular model Holland ever made, discontinued in the nineties.
A manual is available on this web-site
under "customer support". All parts are still available under "parts/warranty". It should preheat to 400+ in 30 minutes, so monitor it the first few times you use it.Call Holland if you have any questions or problems.
At $50 you did good. Enjoy.


Are you kiddin me... $50. You stole it... Buy a EZ bottom kit and it'll last you the rest of your life. I have two Heritage models both about 17 yrs old, plus a Companion for picnics etc. Best grills I've ever had. I bought EZ bottom kits for both and stored them away just in case they ever go out of stock.. Expect about 25 yrs. before you need the bottom kit. Don't know how long the top will last... but it will probably outlive me.


WoW used it for the 1st time TODAY FOR SOME SAUSAGE AWESOME!!!!


I have one for sale in Seattle. Great condition. please email me if you are interested.

perry van gorp

Tell me about your used Holland Grill


Schleeb- my heritage rotted out around the pedistool after 4 years. Is there help for it with this ez bottom thing ?


No disrespect ZZ, but if your Heritage bottom rusted through in 4 years, you need to get a cover or keep it out of the rain.

Look on this site under "Parts/warranty" then your model number. If you actually do have a BH421SG-5 Heritage, the EZ bottom kit is available there with a full view of everything you would get.