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Topic Title: Where did my heat go?
Created on May 29, 2011 at 02:49 AM


I have a Holland Legacy (stainless steel) that I purchased in 2004. Absolutely loved it at first, for chicken and other delicate meats (never steaks & burgers). The temp never has gotten above 350 degrees. At the demo show where I bought it, I understood that to be the optimum temp for this type of system. Lately, I just don't use it, & I really miss it. Here's the problem, If it's not 110 degrees outside (and dead calm) it won't heat up to anything above 300. I understand in talking to a dealer (why that guy is a dealer I have no idea) says Hollans went to a bigger burner. Is there a conversion kit for mine?? I see reading posts here that many of you talk about 400, 425, 450 degrees. WOW, what am I missing??? If it's 70 degrees & 10 mph breeze, 290 degrees after 40 minute preheat is max. Help!

@ bigdon

Call Holland. Don't try to solve this on a blog.
Have you tried the trouble-shooting tips under the "Support" section?

Tom Kirkman

It might take nothing more than a simple retrofit with a new hose and regulator.

Also, if you're not following the connection and de-connection steps as outlined by Holland, your regulator won't operate properly. You should always turn the gas of at the burner, and only then shut the tank valve off.

I think this can be reset if you've not following this procedure. The steps should be in the owner's manual.


It sounds like your burner needs to be cleaned. Over time your burner will build up rust flakes which affects your flame and temp. You can simply remove the shut off valve and use a shop vacuum to suck out the rust flakes. In the support section under cleaning the burner there is an addition information section that shows how to clean the burner and how to dissasembe the burner if necessary. I hope this helps you out. I have cleaned mine and several others whick resulted in the grill working just like a brand new grill.


Thank You Dewman (& everyone else) for your input on this. I failed to mention in the original post that I had the dealer convert it over to Natural Gas at time of purchase, and that is how I have it hooked up, no regulator to fuss with. I am going to do the burner cleaning as suggested by Dewman here in a few days. Someone suggested that the dealer didn't put the right orafice in when doing the conversion resulting in lack of pressure. I have no idea how I would check for that. That dealer is in a different state & out of business.