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Topic Title: Good wings
Created on June 10, 2011 at 07:01 PM


Also as a new Holland Grill owner I would like some tips on cooking really good wings on the Holland.

Tom Kirkman

Here is what I have settled on and all who have tasted them seem to love them.

Rinse wings and pat dry. Lightly apply Olive Oil and liberally sprinkle on Uncle Yammy's Chicken and Chop rub. Let stand for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Fire up the Holland. Get some smoke going if you like - I prefer the Mesquite Flav-O-Buds.

Once preheated, set wings on grid and close lid. Cook for 15 minutes. Then crack lid open only enough to quickly flip wings. Cook another 15 minutes.

Now open lid fully and flip wings once more. Apply a swipe of your favorite BBQ sauce (I like Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ) and shut lid and allow to cook for 5 more minutes.

Remove wings and apply a swipe of sauce to opposite side of wings and let stand on plate for about 5 minutes before serving.

Delicious. The skin will become just lightly "crispy" but not burnt. Really good stuff.


can you tell me were to get Yammys rub in Wisconsin?? there phone number on there web site does not work and I have left notes on there facebook page with NO reply?????? Thanks'


I cook my wings almost the same way as Tom above. I clean and then lightly coat the wings and place on my pre-heated Holland Epic grill (no sauce or rubs...just plain).
I usually try to buy some good size wings and if so, then I cook them for 20 minutes on each side. Once the 2nd 20 mins. is up, I remove the wings and place in a large stainless mixing bowl and pour some Cattlemans Carolina Tangy Gold BBQ sauce over them and toss them around to coat real good. Then I place them back on the grill for about 7 mins on each side. This usually gives them a nice little charred/caramelized texture. Now their ready to eat !! You may even want to toss again in more sauce if you like heavy sauce. Best wings I've ever made ! So tender and juicy !

Happy grillin !

Scott D

I have made many wings on my Holland. My kids prefer them on the Holland over deep frying, go figure. My wife (from Buffalo) and I (college in Buffalo) still love the deep fried crunch of true buffalo wings with Franks hot sauce and bleu cheese but 90% of the time my wings are done on the Holland. Most of the time I buy whole wings and cook them that way as they stay juicer, but we also do defrosted portions.
I rinse them, off then dry them, throw them in a big bowl sprinkle some seasoning -ginger, kosher salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and mix. rub some oil on the grill surface, place wings, close lid, come back 15-20 minutes, flip/move around, close lid, return to pull off in 20 minutes as we like them on the crispy side. We each have our favorite sauce, coat and eat. My kids love teriyaki, sometimes BBQ(Rays of course). I stick with Franks.
Amazing being able to cook as many wings as I do with the half shelf with no worry about burning, turning, flare ups or hot oil.
Scott D


I've cooked wings the same way as Mike but I recently tried them "breaded" with Hollands flour breader mix. Pretty good stuff. Rinse the full size wings, put mix in baggie with wings and shake till coated. Let them sit a while until the batter gets a little pasty and grill 20 minutes a side. Add a splash of Texas pete hot sauce at the end and they're pretty darn good.