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Topic Title: Grill cover blows off??
Created on June 10, 2011 at 10:16 PM


I have loved my Holland for three years now. I also purchased the new grill cover but cannot seem to keep it from blowing off. I had to search the neighborhood on one occasion and luckily found it. I have also tried using bungee cords to keep it down but that doesn't work either.

For those of you that have a grill cover, do you have this problem or any suggestions on what I can do?



The Holland covers I sell, or at least the canvas ones, have Velcro strips to help secure them.


We have the same problem and have the velcro strips on the sides which don't help at all.Haven't found a solution and can't wait to hear if someone does.


Call Holland or your local dealer


The Velcro strips won't engage since they changed them a few years back. Especially if you have a Sear-Mate or side burner. I invested in the marine grade cove and 50mph wind doesn't blow that off. FYI the Velcro is useless on this model too. The weight of the material is too heavy for the skinny Velcro strips. But the cover itself is the heaviest I've seen. Worth it.


Cut two little holes in the bottom and on the inside clean it off and put duck tape on the inside. than run a rope though both holes and tie it in the middle like a shoe


I laid a 10 " brick on each side of the cover on the trays and do not have a problem as the weight of the brick holds the cover in place.


The velcro tabs won't always hold the cover on. I use two small size clamps that I got at Menard's. I pull the velcro together and clap on both sides over the tabs. The only time the cover has ever come off was when I forgot to attach the clamps. I found the cover a block away. One good thing about the Holland logo is I knew it was my grill cover.


Thanks for all of the ideas. I still haven't found the trick to keeping it on during the wind and rain but will keep trying. It is nice to have the logo on it to recognize it when I find it in the neighborhood.

Ragin cajun

We just use a bungie cord to hold ours in place. Just get two long cords and wrap them around the grill with the cove on.


Use to have same problem I just took my Extra Patio chair and placed it right under the handle against the grill. Didn't think it would work but I haven't had to chase the cover down in two years!


I had the same issue till i used these;

google for Tarp shark clip.

I usually dont frequent Home depot but they had them.


we have not had a problem with ours just chech on it every so often.


sorry check on it every so often!


we have had our holland grill for years and we will for years to come. holland makes a great grill,their covers are great too. we have had our cover for about a month or two and havent had a problem with it blowing off so far, but i am thinking some day WE might be chasing it around the block but it does do a greae job of protecting our holland grill from the weather. worth it. pleas give any suggestions on how to keep our holland grill cover on our holland grill where it is ment to be, thank you very very mutch!!!!!


Rare earth magnets. Works great.

George R

If you have the current polyester cover like I have, the cover should not blow off if you use the velcro fastners at each end. The valcro strips on mine are about 8" long & do tuck the ends of the cover up under the shelves.
As long as the velcro stays fastened, there is no way the cover can blow off. They seem very secure to me.
If you have an older model cover, I can't speak to that, but I really like the new one.


Bought a couple little spring clamps at sears for a buck or 2. I put them at the top of the velcro and never had any problems after that.


hook 2 bungecords together and hook each end to the shelfs on the sides over the top works great on my wrangler