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Topic Title: Regulating temperature
Created on April 24, 2008 at 07:33 PM


I received my Holland for a wedding gift this month, and we've grilled steaks, chicken, and pizza on it... So far its been great! I printed the cooking chart so I could have it handy when I'm in the garage, and I noticed different temperatures for cooking.. for ex... Medium steak.. 160F, Well Done.170F... how do I regulate the temperature.. for 1 mine dosen't have a thermometor, so I'm going to have to drill a hole, and buy one from my dealer, but can I actually regulate between 150-170, and keep it at that???


No, that is the temp your meat needs to be on a meat thermometer. There is no way to maintain your grill temp that low as normal grilling is around 400.


How do I maintain that temp of the meat when I cant maintain or control the temperature of the grill itself?


Hey Mike. When that timing chart says to cook a piece of meat to 160, 170, 180 degrees, etc. It means the internal temperature of the meat should be that temp. You don't really need to do it on a steak or small things, but when you cook a large turkey, ham, etc. I use a digital temperature probe. Holland sells one and you can also get them locally.


The meat is DONE when it reaches that temperature. It's time to eat it.You don't have to maintain it, just put it on a plate and have a good meal.