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Topic Title: Holland or Other
Created on June 19, 2011 at 02:36 AM


I saw a grill recently at the Big Rock called the Wilmington Grill. It looks a lot like a Holland with the drip pan but had a stronger construction is my opinion. The price was high but which is better? Wilmington or Holland?

Tom Kirkman

No doubt they went to school on the basic Holland design.

Not knocking the Wilmington Grill, but to me the fact that the Holland has a one-setting burner (on or off) helps me get consistency in my grilling. Once I learned how long to cook various foods, I can repeat it time after time after time with the same great results.

Having dual burners and temperature settings ranging from 200 to 600 degrees may sound like a great thing, but it also makes things more complicated compared to the single setting of the Holland.

Brad Holland settled on the single temperature design to make things easy and it is. While the Wilmington grill certainly looks like a well made piece of equipment, I'll keep cooking on my Holland and knowing what to expect each time out.


Have to agree with Tom. The Holland is simple & precise. I think adding a second burner adds too much variance.
More is not always better.


I looked at the other grill, looks quite solid, have no idea what the price may be?
But with that said, cutomer support, intructions on line, over the phone, videos, Holland Blog, etc., mean alot to me! I feel Holland Grill is a company that are very proud of there grills and stands by the customers to make sure they are completely satisfied! So its more then just the product, "customer Support"!


We are a dealer for the Holland Grills. Had several people in our store in the last couple months that said after they "wore out" their Holland they bought other brand grills and didn't like them because they had gotten so used to cooking by time and not temperature. They all purchased new Holland Grills.


Thanks for the input. After going to look at both brands. If figured i can just adjust the Wilmington to 325-350 and cook just like a Holland and have a better build quality unit.


Tom Kirkman

Take a close look the differences in the burners between the two.


I'm also weighing the differences of the two. Holland has cast Iron and Wilmington has cast stainless... I know how well my cast iron cookware has stood the test of time. I'm thinking the stainless Holland is gonna be great, but I can't help to also consider the Wilmington. Difference in price is less than Holland + Sear attachment. I'm so confused. I thought I was dead set on holland. Now I don't know


I looked at the photos of the Wilmington. From what I can tell from the limited views, their entire main grilling surface is setup for indirect heat.

I'm not certain, but I think this will be an issue for searing steaks. All the successful searing I've ever done has been with direct flame or infrared heat. They have a side-burner option (I've always found them to be of little use), but no sear burner option.

Other thing I'd personally not like is the procedure they ask you to follow to put the smoker tray in to smoke wood chips.

Other than that, I really like the easy cleanup of the Holland. I can't really say from their website description how theirs cleans up.

Depending on the price differential, I could probably see myself buying Wilmington + charcoal grill if it's cheaper than Holland. I'd recommend Holland with a sear burner though.


Thanks Donnie-
I agree...I didn't like the 'after thought' of throwing a wood log under the grilling surface on the Wilmington, but I do like the idea of being able to dial the temp up and down. Maybe it is just because I'm not familiar with Holland. I am of the mindset of smoking a boston butt for 12-14 hours...on like 200-250 degree heat. But from the reviews it seems as though holland should fit that bill as well. Let's see what happens...i've got a month or so to decide :)

Tom Kirkman

If you want to cook at 200F to 250F on the Holland, just fill the drop pan with water, beer, apple juice, etc. Works great.


First off want to caveat that I do not own a Wilmington Grill. My next door neighbor has one and it is a very nice cooker. Much heavier than a Holland in construction. Got to admit it does impart more of a smoke flavor in the guest of honor. You do not have to throw a log in the smoker tray you can use chunks and they work fine.

Regarding temp control I can understand both sides of the argument. In addition to my 3 Holland’s (Classic with Searmate, Legacy & Companion) I own another knock off Holland cooker the Phoenix PG2001. It has temp controls with a two burner configuration. I think the construction of this grill is a bit heavier than the Holland. Note I did not say better. You can get identical results off the Phoenix and Holland. You do have to be mindful of temp with the Phoenix. For example if you want to do chicken leg quarters if you fire up the Phoenix on high for pre heating of the grill you will be very unhappy with the results. Preheat on high for the Phoenix approaches 600° and getting the temp to come down to a respectable 400-420° takes a month of Sundays. The work around for this is preheat on low or medium.

Additionally on the Phoenix you have temp settings of low, medium and high and anywhere in between. There are no temperature detents on the burners so you have a learning curve to find your temperature “sweet spot”. Nothing very difficult to overcome.

Hands down the in my opinion the Phoenix makes a better steak, this includes a Holland with a Searmate. Don’t know why this is so but my family and friends prefer the product off the Phoenix.

One nice feature of having varying temp controls is that it you are doing a quick meal of burgers and dogs with the Phoenix or the Wilmington it will perform much like a regular gasser if time is of the essence.

The most important part is service and parts availability. Holland has some of the best service I’ve ever encountered. My neighbor sings the praises of Wilmington Grill also. In fact my neighbor’s boss bought a used Wilmington and took it down to NC and had the grill refurbished which is something I had never heard of before. Phoenix customer service leaves a bit to be desired. The original Phoenix Grill company went out of business and then somehow resurrected it self. Not sure if they are owned by Modern Home Product (MHP) or Buck Stove. You go on the internet to look for parts and the fun begins you literally get passed around between the companies. The good news is that parts are available you just need to find the source.

I don’t think the OP could go wrong with either grill but I think the Holland will answer the bell for his needs.


I've owned both Holland and Wilmington grills and there is no comparison! Say what you may but the Wilmington Grill is not only built better but the temperature range allows you to sear meats or slow cook a nice brisket. It gets up to temperature regardless of the ambient temperature. You're lucky to get the Holland up to 350 degrees if it's less than 40 degrees outside. No comparison!!