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Topic Title: Hi Temp With New Drip Pan
Created on June 22, 2011 at 04:13 PM


I have used a Heritage at my summer home for many years, which cooks at about 400 degrees using a steel drip pan. I recently was given a 5+ year-old Tradition for use at my primary home, which required many replacement parts including a new aluminum drip pan. So far, the refurbished Tradition gets quite a bit hotter than my Heritage; exceeding 500 degrees each of the few times I've used it. This is too hot for my liking, and I presume that the high heat results from using an aluminum vs. steel drip pan. I've noticed other posts that suggest the temperature can be reduced by downsizing the orifice. I'm interested in knowing if others have been able to reduce their grill’s temperature using this technique, or others.

@ Clay

Do you know what size orifice is in your grill now & what fuel type (NG or LP) you are using? Is it possible the previous owner was on NG & you are now on LP. An Ng orifice would cause the grill to get way too hot.


Thanks for the reply. The Tradition's previous owner used LP fuel, which I continue to use. I do not know the orifice size; however, when I cleaned it there was no evidence that it had ever been replaced. So, I presume that the grill was originally equipped for LP use. I do recall seeing some information being stamped onto the orifice. Do you know if this would indicate the exact orifice size?

@ Clay

Tradition or Tradition LS/LP gas/#55 orifice.
If you are not sure, call Holland with all your grill info.


When I bought my Apex new, the flame was all blue, and I was reaching temps 0f 500, so when I was told to get some yellow tips on the flame, when I adjusted the flame It dropped to 420temp. I am sure you know about that, but just to let others know.


For the benefit of future readers who may have a similar problem, I wanted to report that I replaced the existing with a new one and that seems to have solved the problem. The grill's temp is now about 435 degrees, which will probably drop a little once the new drip pan gets broken in. Since the grill was originally configured for LP use, I can only speculate that the previous owner either installed an NG orifice or bored the orginal orifice to a larger size.


There is an air shutter that is kind of built into the burner also. If that got moved open too far while it was moved or when you cleaned it or something that could increase your cooking temp also.