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Topic Title: Door handle--incomplete instructions and missing p
Created on July 1, 2011 at 03:55 PM


The Instruction Manual for the Apex has no step for installing the panel door handle knob (and the photos go from showing the panel without the knob, to the panel WITH knob). Worse, there was no screw included to fasten the knob. After multiple trips to the local hardware store, and multiple screws dropped irretrievably into the sealed door panel, I finally bought a magnetic screwdriver and a porcelin door knob to complete the assembly. For a $1000+ grill, this results in a pretty unsatisfactory experience. Surprising to me that the manual and parts bag are both incomplete, and that the door panel/knob is engineered this way....disappointing....


Sorry to hear your bad luck, I also bought the Apex, one year ago and had a different problem. The upper cover did not square up perfectly with the lower box, so I called holland and they gave me intructions to straighten it out, but did not work, maybe I did not push hard enough. So I never got it perfect, but when I did my first checken or turkey , well I love my Holland! Try it out you will feel better.
One thing mine the temp went up to 510, a little too high, make sure you have some yellow tips showing at the ends of the blue flame! You can adjust the flame Good Luck!