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Topic Title: Cleaning your Holland
Created on July 4, 2011 at 01:19 AM


I have a HOLLAND PREMIER, stainless steel and love it. I feel I need to clean the inside of the lid cover. Are there any recommendations on the best way to clean it? Will just using a putty knife be enough or should I use a cleaing product?...not sure that would be a good idea. Any help is appreciated from those who know more than I.

Tom Kirkman

Not sure about the lid interior, but after brushing and scrubbing my grate and drip pan, I finally just steamed some shrimp and found that the crud and crust just lifted off. So now when I really need to clean it, I just plan a steamed meal.


I have a stainless Holland. I cleaned the inside of the lid by taking the lid off and spraying it thoroughly with Dawn Power Dissolver. It's kind of a gel and you let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then I turned the garden hose on it and it washed all the black stuff right off. At least it worked very well for me. I got it at walmart. It's tough stuff so follow the directions.

Arthur M

Hey guys,
The black build-up on the inside of the lid is just grease from the smoke circulating inside the grill during the cooking process. It won't hurt a thing as long as it doesn't get thick enough to peel down & drop on your food. Just scrape most of it off with the putty knife while you are scraping your drip pan.


Thanks for the comments. I did search the archives and found some other comments and came up with a few possible ideas. Not tried any but hope to soon. Using the putty knife still seems best.