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Topic Title: Brand Apex with rust spots
Created on July 8, 2011 at 11:07 PM


Do any of you get rust spots on the shell of your Apex? Being our first stainless steel grill, we didn't expect it.

Ours has been outside for only one day. It was installed yesterday. There are no pools in this block. We used no chemicals on it. It has only been used for the initial burn-off period and has not had food cooked on it yet. Today it rained When we arrived home today, there were several rust spots on the surface.

This is our second Holland grill. The first was a wonderful Tradition. There was no question that our next grill would be another Holland. But, aside from it running at 500 degrees, the rust is very disappointing.

Did this happen to you? What did you do about it?


If it is the stainless steel Apex, it's not rust. Have you tried to brush it off with fine steel wool? It's probably just a discoloration from something. Let us know how it turns out.

@ Lynne

Are you sure they are not small round discolored (brown)indentations around the edges. If so, these are "spot-weld" marks & are part of the manufacturing process. Since the stainless steel is not painted, they are not covered up like the black grills.


If it is a rust speck take a bit of bar keepers friend on a damp rag and it will wipe right off


In the areas where it occurred, it appears there are pin-point sized holes on the surface of the lid. The eraser sized rust-colored circles developed around them. There are quite a few of them.

Thanks for the Barkeeper's friend suggestion. I was thinking of using that but didn't want to void any warranties.

I was curious if it was a common event. This is our first stainless steel grill of any brand.


They are not the brownish things along the edges. I saw those, but these are different. They are random all over the top.