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Topic Title: Maverick vs Wrangler
Created on July 12, 2011 at 09:57 PM


We are looking to purchase a new Holland grill. Can someone please clarify the difference between the Maverick and Wrangler models? We have a Companion and love it, but find it isn't always big enough when I'm cooking for more than 2 people. Thank you.

Floyd D

Look at the feature list on each grill model above.

The Wrangler has a standard drip pan with drain valve so it can be filled with liquid for steaming or slow cooking. It has fancier knobs & fancier (long) lid handle. It also has a smoke chip drawer built in.
The Maverick has a simpler drip pan (same material) & no drain valve to close off. It also has more basic knobs & handle. No smoke chip drawer.


Thank you. There is a cook out this weekend about 15 miles from us and we are planning on visiting it to check out the grills. I appreciate your reply and will look into the features you have mentioned. I have always wanted to try several other recipes that require the drip pan to be filled but couldn't with the Companion so from what you tell me, I am leaning toward the Wrangler. Thank you again for the information and happy grilling to you.