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Topic Title: Flav-o-buds
Created on August 1, 2011 at 02:49 PM


I used these for the 1st time last night and I have a few ?'s. Are they supposed to catch fire and have a flame in the chip tray? I have good amount of smoke but the flame didn't not seem right. Please help. I am using the Wrangler grill FYI.

Joe B

they should smoke, not flame.


That is what I was thinking? Did I do something wrong? I liked the flavor but did not like the flames and the damage it could have caused.

Joe B

How hot is your grill getting? If it is getting too much over 450/475, you need to call Holland for advice on cooling it down a bit.


Right around 450...Should you soak the pellets? Maybe I will call holland and see what they suggest.

Joe B

Check to see if the "Air-baffle" is installed. It's a sheet metal part with 2 3/4" holes in it. It should be mounted on the inside front above the burner. Do not soak the buds.

Tom Kirkman

I place mine in the pellet drawer and leave it pulled out while preheating the grill. When the grill is preheated and the food has been placed on the cooking grid, I slide the drawer in. Takes about 10 minutes before I see smoke rolling from the stacks. Smokes about 20 to 30 minutes tops. I have added more on occasion but find that smoke flavor is imparted in the first few minutes. Doesn't really take much more.

Mine don't catch fire - they smolder like charcoal. That's about it.


i have a new Wrangler also. Having a hard time getting the temp down to under 450. Have done everything Holland recommends. The only flavor buds have had catch fire were the Jack Daniels. Really bad flame. Maybe some residual booze in the pellets?