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Topic Title: Electric Companion
Created on August 4, 2011 at 02:54 PM


My father would like to purchase the Companion the electric version, because they live in an apartment. They live in southern Ontario, and get quite a bit of wind. Does he have to worry about the grill going out during cooking in windy conditions? Thanks

Arthur M

The electric Companion was discontinued a few months ago. If you can find one, call Holland to see if parts are still avaiable.

Tom Kirkman

I know where two new ones are sitting right now - Southside Hardware in Archdale, NC. You should be able to get their number from that. They were under $300 as I recall.

young buck

The electric companion does not have a it can't go out!


Stay tuned, the electric Companion is being redesigned & will be back in the line-up soon.


Hate to hear they discontinued the electric Companion. My wife and I love ours. We used to have one of the larger gas ones, which we also loved, but it was just way too big for what we wanted to cook. The companion is the right size for us. The gas grill finally gave up after 15 years of loyal service. That's why I bought another Holland, and will recommend them to everyone. I hope the new design is as good as the old one.