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Topic Title: Maverick Question
Created on August 6, 2011 at 02:54 PM

Mark Seifried

Hello Roger T. Have any of you cooked on the new Maverick? How does it compare to the cooking on the Heritage Plus? Thanks


It cooks the same way as the others. I own a Compamion & a Classic & have cooked on a Maverick & I see no difference between the 3.


the only difference in the Maverick is that you can't steam or slow cook on it.......but I had a classic for 13 yearsw and never once used it as a steamer. Otherwise, it cooks like all the other Hollands...great


The Maverick is in limited supply. You can get the Wrangler for a few bucks more & it does steam/slow cook & has the towel bar handle. I use the slow cook feature on mine for ribs & Boston butts but have not steamed anything yet.