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Topic Title: lobster tails
Created on August 6, 2011 at 05:54 PM


Has anyone cooked lobster tails on the Holland? I could only find one receipe on the website and I think there's got to be more than one way to do them. Any tips, hints, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

Tom Kirkman

I've done them a couple ways, but the overall idea is the same. You can put water and/or beer in the drip pan and steam them. Will take about 15 to 18 minutes.

You also do about the same thing by placing the lobsters on their split back shells in a tinfoil roasting pan with about an inch of water and/or beer. Takes roughly the same time but will cook a little bit hotter this way since you don't have as much water involved.

More recently I have also done a couple where I just discarded the shells, put a light bit of olive oil on them and then grilled them. Be careful - they cook very quickly this way. In 7 or 8 minutes they may be done.

Of these, I prefer the ones I've steamed, with the roasting pan method being the easiest.


Yep I just fill the drip pan with water and let it get hot...then put the tails on for about 18 minutes. Vsame with crab claws...they are great too!

Tom Kirkman

I have done them both ways and have come to greatly prefer steaming them in an aluminum roasting pan.

Split the shells and set them in an aluminum roasting pan. Put about a half inch of liquid (I use a beer and top off to 1 inch some water) in the bottom of the pan.

Get the grill preheated to 400F to 430F.

Quickly open the lid and set the pan inside. In almost exactly 18 minutes they'll be ready to eat.

This is one of the better dishes I've done no the Holland. It's almost foolproof.