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Topic Title: Tradition Rust
Created on August 7, 2011 at 01:57 PM


I have an 8 year old Tradition whose drip pan, pan support posts and the entire bottom has completly rusted out. I really didn't use it that much and am very dissapointed in its life span. The temperature will not get above 400F so I don't think high heat is the problem. I really like the way it cooks but will have to think long and hard if I replace it with another expensive Holland.


It sounds like you used it for an aquarium.


Expensive....Really, have you gone to Lowe's and priced a Disposagrill lately?


You could buy a cement Bird bath or alot less money if you are never gonna cook on it.

Tom Kirkman

Any good tool, and the Holland is after all, a fine cooking tool, deserves some amount of care. A grill left outdoors should be kept covered and out of the harmful effects of weather. And, not using a grill much means that moisture can collect and do damage if the grill is left outdoors.


Reckon it's back to wal-mart & flare up city!


I will buy it and rebuild it...the burner and the cooking grill are indestructable..


i have a 1987 classic that i have replaced the bottom on once.well worth it.i sold grills for twenty years,this is the only grill that will cook food well done and still be jucy!


To clarify, the grill was always covered when not in use. Ed - you can have it. I live in North Augusta, SC. You will have to weld a new bottom in it and buy the replacement kit. I included a picture.

Tom Kirkman

That's not normal for a grill that has been kept dry and out of the weather. Something is wrong here.

Hurricane Hugo

Yeah, right. Last time this grill was covered was after I came thru.


It looks like it was sprayed with oven cleaner which ate away the aluminum coating on the inside of the bottom shell. Very corrosive!


I have never sprayed the grill with anything and the grill was covered 99% of the time with a heavy duty University of GA grill cover. I used the grill approximately twice a month. I am trying to understand why this happened. I wanted to be one of the people that have had their grill for twenty years. Covering the grill may actually be the problem.


Leaving the grill open after use to cool will lessen the amount of condensation that can build up inside.

TN Vol

The problem was the U of GA Grill cover! :)


I have a tradition from 1996 and have some rust by the cover hinges and a few other spots, and the paint on the cover is not so nice, but it grills fine. It is on a covered porch by the screen and covered by an original Holland cover. For 15+ years service I can't complain.


I have an 8 year old Tradition with the same issue. Always meticulously maintained. To the people who responded with smart ass comeents, shame on you. It is obviously a problem that Holland does nor want address, otherwise would warranty it.


Two people does not constitute a problem. Shame on you for trying to make it look like there was a problem.


Also should mention that few companies warranty anything for eight years. I do not see anything in my Holland literature that says they will replace my grill if it rusts out after eight years. Try Weber and see what their warranty is.


Mine filled with water when I forgot to put the cover on it and it rained. Luckily it didn't rust out. I would suggest in a cover for the grill then, even if it gets rained on, you should be in the clear.


Forgot to add, don't buy any of that cheap junk from Lowes, Home Despot, Mal-wart, etc. They will just wind up costing a ton of money and cause lots of frustration. Pay a little more for a Holland and save a lot more in the end....


So Griller obviously you don't know much about customer complaint statistics and what they mean, and how they work, so I’ll enlighten you.

Generally most people won't complain about a product, they will just take it on the chin, mutter to themselves, and buy a different product, but some of us like to let the people who make a product know that there may be a problem with their merchandise. Actually, if a few people complain, it generally means there is a much larger problem than the manufacturer may or may not be aware of. So people use blogs or contact the manufacturer to make people aware of a problem. So for someone to say that they must have used their barbecue “for an aquarium” isn’t much help. You also made reference to “not see anything in my Holland literature that says they will replace my grill if it rusts out after eight years”. It’s not in my literature either, but I did not expect (Caveat emptor) there would be that type of problem with a Holland Grill. I certainly expected something far superior to a Weber and quite frankly I don’t care what their warranty is, I am only concerned with my grill. Holland also has grills that they warranty against rust for 5 and 15 years respectively, so apparently there are different standards within the same company.

I for one barbecue with my Holland grill approximately 330 days per year with climate variances from + 30°C to - 30°C so for my climate, it is apparent that the grill is not tough enough or there is an underlying problem. It should also be noted that Holland grill manufactured (discontinued) a bottom shelf kit for barbecues that rust out so Holland is obviously a ware of a problem with the design. I will repair mine, but will eventually have to replace my Holland. Even though my Holland grill rusted out I will still purchase another one because it is the best barbecue that I've ever owned, I just wish it hadn’t rusted out. It is something that I would have expected from an inferior product like Russell mentioned. It should also be noted that it rusted out in the exact same spot as Daniel’s, or are you going to tell me that’s just coincidence.

So Daniel, you are not alone in your rust problem, and I am sure there are any more but they just suffer in silence.


Most who spend the kind of money it takes to buy a HOlland grill won't suffer in silence if they're really having problems.

Holland doesn't promise their grills to last forever. Nobody does. Few things last forever so you have to decide if you got a good value for the money paid.

So at 330 grilling uses per year at 8 years is 2,640 grilling uses which will work out to something like 20 cents per use. Sounds to me like you got exceptional service and life out of that unit. If I were you, I'd run out and buy another today! But that's just me. I'm not use to getting so much use out of something for that kind of money.


My 1996 Honda Accord is starting to rust out around the rear wheel wells. Damn Honda! They need to own up to this obvious problem instead of covering it up!!

Seriously, what do you expect out of a grill that only costs a few hundred bucks? Considering the number of uses and amount of time you have had it, sounds to me like you got great value from it. Just MHO.


If I got 330 BBQs per year for 8 years out of my Holland before it went south, I'd be singing its praises! That's a lot a grillin' for any grill, especially one that only cost a few hundred dollars.


A few hundred bucks? Up here in the great white north that barbecue was 1,500.00 USD in 2003. Regardless it's a great barbecue. I'll go stateside to buy my next one but I'll buy the one that has a 10 year warranty.


My Holland was new in 1997 and the bottom is rusting as well. A little aluminum plate, some stainless stel bolts and I am back in business. Also my burner was shot and was replaced for free under the lifetime warranty. I am very happy with how long the grill lasted. I believe the newer units are made of aluminum to solve the issue. I would buy another one in a minute and would love them to introduce a pellet grill.

Tom Kirkman

Furnaces and hot water heaters don't last forever, either Consider that this implement is asked to do and I think most will agree that any grill that lasts 10+ years has given good service.


Very well said Tom.


I bought my Tradition in June of "03" and have been very pleased with it. I live on the coast and use it at least 4 time a week. Did replace the whole lower unit but old one would of lasted longer, but I do like my grill to look go, ya know..........


I own 2 Hollands & love them both. The thing to remember is nothing lasts forever. Holland makes a better product that the cheap junk from the box stores & they are serviceable. You can get parts & work on them yourself even outside of the warranty. That to me is better than a Chinese import you have to sit out for the trash man after a few years.


Griller, you sure have alot of free time to do that math that works out to 20 cents!! How about this, Holland could make these rusting componets out of SS and never rust out. But then again if they did people like you would not keep coming back to buy again and again.


If you understand elementary math, it only takes about 10 seconds to do it.

Holland already makes a grill out of SS, it's called an Apex.

Roger T

What griller said X2.

All Holland grills made for the last 6 years or so have non-rust stainless or aluminum bottoms, stainless flame deflectors & aluminum drip pans.
As good as previous models were,(mine is 11 yrs old & just fine), the current models are big improvements.


WOW...I thought someone took a picture of grill has done the same thing, bought new in 2007 and was covered by the $80 Holland grill cover, bottom, flame plate,burner and grilling plate are I ask is it worth me spending over $375 to get the parts from Holland to fix it or just buy a new one cause the top might rust out next? And by the way the place I bought it didnt tell me to registor my grill till the other day when I went to them for help ( which they were no help )...So is my serial number on file with Holland when the made it and shipped it to dealer so they can see when it was made and still under a warr???

@ Bradley

That model was discontinued in 2005 at about serial number 065000. The serial number will indicate when it was manufactured, not when you bought it. The warranty card, registration card & owner's manual all came together in a plastic bag with the grill.
I counted 35 entries here & three including yours were some form of complaint.


I have a Heritage model that I bought 9 years ago. It is all steel except the mesh grill cooking surface which is stainless. Knowing that the grill is primarily steel, I have never used the steam method fearing that it may cause rust/corrosion issues. My grill bottom has minimal rust, primarily surface rust. The heat plate is in very good condition. I did recently replace the drip pan with a new aluminum one. I cleaned up the grill and repainted the exterior with 1200 degree paint and replaced most of the nuts and bolts with stainless and it looks like new. I would anticipate at least another 6 years or so of good performance. I store the grill uncovered in a screened in patio. I think steam should be avoided on a steel model.


Didn't read every response, but you can buy a replacement drip pan and drip pan brackets. All made out of aluminum so the rusting should not be an issue anymore. Contact your local dealer and they should be able to get you set up


I have a tradition that i recently replaced the bottom and drip pan on. new parts are now made from chance for rust!
customer service is great at holland if you just give them a call and let them have a chance to help you.


Okay so as far as the warranty card let us not forget as consumers we too have certain obligations. The dealer may have bought the grill in May & not sold it from his stock until November or even the following May. It is the consumers responsibility to take care of sending in the warranty card, not the dealers


i have owned 2 holland grills....mine have both rusted as well but i still think they are the absolute best grilling tools made....and by the way...can you people be nice????? where are you guys from a replies are not attractive!!!!


I have a Tradition it is 8 years old. At 6 years the bottom was starting to rust. One support was completly rusted through. This grill was kept in the garage except when grilling. Of course it was out of warranty. The last 2 yrs it hasn't cooked as well as it did the first 6. We are looking at buying another...any suggestions?


I know this is an old thread but I too have the same rust problem. My problem is I ordered a new drip pan an ignighter for it from holland before I found out just how bad the bottom is. Can I just buy a whole new bottom shell? I didn't see that on the parts list? We live the way it cooks and use it 2-3 times a week.

The Holland Grill Company

Thank you for support of Holland Grill products. You didn't mention which grill that you have, but if the part is not listed on the website under the parts list for the grill that you are looking for, then the bottom is no longer available. Please know that our current grill line up has aluminum or stainless bottom shells to avoid a rust issue.