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Topic Title: Legecy Allergy?
Created on August 11, 2011 at 02:45 AM


This evening, something strange happened to my 8 year old boy. He was reaching for something on our patio, and brushed his arm against the grey sideboard of our Holland Grill. Whithin a few minutes, he developed a rash. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experiance? The only thing that the sideboard has had on it, was a little grease from the spatula resting on it during grilling hamburgers, but he isn't allergic to hamburgers, so...anybody else have any similar experiance like that?

We are baffled..

@ Marko

The side-shelves are FDA approved food grade polymer. If he actually got the rash from scraping against the shelf, it almost had to have been something on the surface of the shelf that he reacted to.


Like I said, there was nothing on it but a little hamburger grease. However, today I took a closer look, and with the sun shining on it, it does look like fiberglass, and when I rubbed my finger on it, I did get a powdery substance on my finger. You say that it is a food grade polymer. Is that another way of saying it is made out of fiberglass?

And if it is, could it be that the original finish has worn off?

@ marko

No, it's not fiberglass. It's injection molded. There is no coating to wear off.
Legacys have been discontinued for a few years.There is nothing in that shelf that can cause an allergic reaction, but who knows what might have been sprayed on it.