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Topic Title: love my cookbook
Created on August 12, 2011 at 06:12 PM


Just made london broil with the kebab marinade- it was awesome!! My husband loved the corn casserole too. I caught him reading the story of how the Holland grill was invented (it's in the book also) thanks for such a great product-


Terry where did you get the cookbook from? I bought an Apex but I never got a cookbook.

@ Jay

The new "Holland Family Cookbook" Terry is referring to is in the "Accessories" section. There are also lots of older Holland recipes in the "Recipe" section of this web-site.


Thanks for the tip. I found it and will probably have to order it soon. I printed several recipes from the website and from the blog but this looks likes it would be even better.


Just made the Florentine chicken on page 68. They came out great. Having friends over tonite. Awesome dish.


The thing I love about the cookbook is about half the recipes are five ingredients or less. Has anyone else tried the Margarita chicken or the pins colada chicken? Man they rock. Using concentrate drink mixes make the dishes taste really gourmet