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Topic Title: Old parts for Heritage Plus
Created on August 26, 2011 at 11:49 PM


I have a Heritage Plus BH421-SG-2 SN164908.
The side trays or handles are the old ivory colored ones and are looking pretty rough, do the black replacement parts listed on the site have the same hole pattern as the ones I have?


Correction, I guess it is just a Heritage. not plus

@ DaveM

It's also not a Heritage. It's the old "Classic", discontinued about 14 years ago.
The black shelves from the Heritage will work, but they bolt on differently. you need to call Holland so they can help you do this properly.

Franklin D

X2. That serial number indicates that your Classic was made about 1989/90.


Yes I've had it over 20 years.
Thanks for the response.