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Topic Title: Cooking in cold and wind
Created on August 27, 2011 at 06:56 PM

Keith B

I absolutely love my Premier II stainless steel grill. It can't keep heat in cold weather or windy days. Any ideas to help?

Tom Kirkman

I have a door that I open and use to act as a bit of a wind block for my grill. Wind removes heat from anything: yourself, your house, your car, your grill. Try to set your grill somewhere that allows you to block as much wind as possible. Allow a bit more cooking time as appropriate for a lower temp.

Arthur M

What Tom said.
Also, Premier II models are about 10 years old or older. Have you ever done a "tune-up" on it? Clean out the inside of the burner, clear out the gas valve & vacuum out any loose rust or food in the bottom of the grill. Are you getting full heat (400+) in warmer weather or is it marginal? It needs to be performing at its peak if you expect it to cook in cold weather.


I use a different gas orifice during the winter that increases the temperature. Call customer service they can help you out with the orifice size that’s right for your model.


We use our Apex year round. It certainly can't throw the same heat in winter. When it's cold (we live in the heart of Canada) we just pull it into the garage to get it out of the wind.


We found that the best solution is to simply block the wind. We tacked 4x8 sheets of OSB to the deck rail around the grill and they work like a charm. good luck!