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Topic Title: Spicy Cajun
Created on September 1, 2011 at 10:09 PM

Tom Kirkman

I've learned not to use seasonings on chicken wings that contain a lot of salt. Just didn't care for the taste - too easy to "over season."

My favorite chicken wing seasoning has been "Uncle Yammys Chicken and Rib Rub." It's only 2% salt by 1/4 tablespoon so you can really season the wings without overpowering them with salt.

Tonight I tried the Holland Spicy Cajun seasoning. I had noticed that it was only 4% salt for the same volume so I gave it a go. Really, really good. Similar taste to the Yammy's but a little more "heat."

Just something you may want to try on your next batch of Holland grilled chicken wings.


So Tom where can someone buy Uncle Yammys? I think I can get the Holland seasoning where I bought my grill.

Tom Kirkman

Food Lion carries it.



Thanks Tom. Hey I was going over some old blogs I printed from people on how to cook different things and I came across one from you from June 15 about ribs and had a couple of questions. First where do you get Thomas sauce and do you still use it as a marinade or have you found something better. I tried your way of cooking them and it turned out pretty good but always looking for ways to improve.

Tom Kirkman

The last ribs I did I marinated in a combination of "Bone Sucking Sauce" and Orange Juice. They came out nice as well. Not better, just a little bit different.

I do all my ribs now in steam. Takes a little longer to cook but they stay extra moist.

Tom Kirkman

I should also mention that while Thomas offers a special marinade, I didn't like it as much as their standard Thomas Sauce so I continue to marinate pork in that.