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Topic Title: Can't decide on which one to buy
Created on September 6, 2011 at 07:17 PM


I had a Holland Classic for many years and we buried it a few years ago and when with a differnt brand (mistake). The only complaint I ever had with the old Holland was it would never get above 400 degrees. I am ready to purchase a new grill and trying to decide between the Epic and the Apex. Question - Will one grill cook hotter than the other or are they the same? What advantages does one have over the other besides all stainless on the Apex? Thanks

Tom Kirkman

They cook the same. The SS on the Apex requires longer to get to temp, but requires less fuel to keep it at that temp. I suspect it has a slightly smaller orifice in the regulator.

I bought the Apex. In for a penny, in for a pound. It won't rust and loses less heat when you open the lid.

Two great grills, but for me the little bit extra made sense.

Roger T

x2 what Tom said. They are exactly the same grills except for the top/bottom shell materials. The Epic has an aluminum bottom shell which isn't going to rust. You can't make a bad choice between these 2.


SAVE your money. Don't purchase a Maverick!!!! The drain pan will not drain. I have purchased 3 Holland grills and I hate this one.


@Teresa...Just buy the drip pan,drip pan brackets, pipe and drain valve for the epic grill and install. Problem solved!


2 cents from a proud Maverick owner. Had this model for a year & a half. Drip pan works flawlessly! Buying a Holland / One of the BEST investments I ever made!!