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Topic Title: lining with foil
Created on September 10, 2011 at 08:46 PM


My SS Apex normally cooks at 420 to 430F. I scrape the drip pan after each use while the grill is still warm. But it will turn black after a few uses anyway. Even without any build up the instant the pan gets black my tempt drops to 380 to 390F. A hour's scraping and cleaning just to get the VERY thin black stuff off restores it to 420 or 430.

So I am wondering if it would be OK to line the drop pan with aluminum foil and let that catch all the drippings and black stuff. I would just replace it each time I use the grill. I thought it might affect the grill temp as an insulator but then I though about the fact that the drip pan is already aluminum. Any thoughts?

Roger T

Are you sure you are not getting black soot because your air-shutter is out of adjustment?
Look at the flame, if it is mostly yellow, make the air-shutter adjustment per your manual. Blue flame with yellow tips.
A yellow flame can cause both black soot & lower than normal temperatures.


No the flame is perfect. There is no soot. It is just the usual black covering that gets on the drip pan from fat, juices, etc. Surely you guys don't have drip pans that stay clean and bright do you?


You're just wasting your time cleaning every time. I clean mine about once a month after I steam something. Just forget about the dirty drip pan and enjoy the food :).

Franklin D

Having significant buildup in the drip pan can insulate the heat from coming through & reduce your cooking temps in the center. Also, because the buildup absorbs heat instead of letting it come through, there is a much better chance of a fire in the drip pan.
There is a reason why regular cleaning of the drip pan is one of the conditions of the No-flare up warranty.