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Topic Title: Holland grill about killed me
Created on September 21, 2011 at 08:33 PM


I went to start my Holland grill today like normal. Turned on the gas, cranked the starter a few times, filled the wood chip tray and then felt to see if the grill was getting warm. I didn't feel it heating up like normal so I decided I would crank the starter a few more times. All of a sudden, BOOM! and explosion that knocked me completely on my butt and burned my arm hair and some of my eyebrows/eye lashes straight off. I have cooked countless times on my grill and never had an issue until this.

Any ideas what happened? My guess is that it didn't light properly the first time and the grill filled up with gas while I was filling the chip tray.

On the bright side, I should have some delicious ribs in a few hours provided I am alive next time I go to check on them.


First rule of safety is to look at the flame after lighting to make sure the burner is lit & has the proper flame (blue with yellow tips).

It sounds like the burner didn't light the first time & you were still filling the bottom of the grill with gas.

If you had looked & noticed that it wasn't lit, you should have turned off the gas & waited 5 minutes before lighting again.

Glad you weren't seriously hurt.


I always look in and check, it is kind of hard to see if it is lit or not because there isn't much of a window. Looked like it normally did and it hadn't been on for long so I just cranked it again. Couldn't have been more that 15 seconds between the first and second time I tried lighting it and I had the lid open for most of that time.

Tom Kirkman

Never hit the ignitor after the gas has been on for a minute or more. Always check for flame and if you don't see it, let the grill rest for a few minutes first.

You won't want to hear this, but it wasn't the Holland that nearly killed you. It was a failure to follow the instructions.

But I am sorry about the "blast" and your accident. Don't mean at all to make light of it.


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There's a little "peephole" on the bottom half of the grill in the front. Look in there to see a flame. Don't walk away if you don't see the flame...that's true on any gas grill.


Never light any gas grill with the lid closed!


I have always thought that it was BETTER when they had no turn knob ingniter. You knew for SURE it was lit because you had to look in the little hole to make sure she was working. Again, NEVER try to light a closed grill. Seems Holland would make the ingniter go dead if the top was closed !


Hmmm... I've got a very old Classic with no electric ignitor. I use a butane lighter that I stick into the hole designed for a match. At the risk of offending someone, I have to say that it's pretty easy to tell from the SOUND whether it lit or not. If I have to pull the trigger more than about 3 times, and still don't hear the "foof" that indicates it's lit, I wait 5 minutes and start over. It's not complicated.


You always have to start it with the LID OPEN!