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Topic Title: Searmate & side burner
Created on October 12, 2011 at 12:15 PM


Where is the searmate manufactured, is it a " made in usa" product? Also, do you have a side burner available?

Greg P

I'm pretty sure the SearMate is made in Georgia where the grills are made. The last I heard, the original Side-burner is in the redesign stage in Georgia. They are redesigning it to match the design of the SearMate. Should be out soon.

Tom Kirkman

I know where there is a brand new side burner, new in the box, if anyone is interested. I bought one and they have another left. Works fine.


I'd love to know where that side burner is, Tom.

Tom Kirkman

Southside Hardware, Archdale NC.

(336) 861-4128


I was able to get the discontinued side burner for 25.00 in the box recently. Really nice to have to fry stuff up in small pan or keep stuff heated up while cooking.


looking for side burner for holland or phoenix grill 920-420-6119


Why did Holland stop production of the side burner before the new one comes out ?????? Been waiting 2 years now for one.


Who the heck knows...................


I wonder why Holland will not answer this ?????


It's a shame that they sill advertise the searmate on their web site, but they don't have the burner replacement part. I purchased two Apex grills (one for myself and one for my son) with the searmates. About $3,00.00 and I can't get replacement parts. What a shame, I love the grill, but I'm now thing about trashing it. I WOULD NOT recommend anyone purchasing a Holland grill at this time. They don't know if they are coming or going.