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Topic Title: New style lids
Created on October 15, 2011 at 11:56 AM


Does anyone know if the new style slanted lids on the Maverick models are much lower than the older style Tradition, Epic and etc lids with the smoke stacks? We cook lots of chickens on the cooking posts and height could be an issue. How much space is on the new ones from cooking rack to lid compared to the old??


Went to a dealer today and they cut me a deal on a Apex for 799 so I snatched it up.It had a small ding the size of a BB on the side and that was it. Really like the older style lids compared to the new ones on the lower models,


The heighth is the same, BUT it is not at the center of the grill. That is the issue, as you want your large items (turkey) centered as much as possible.