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Topic Title: Grease Standpipe and Valve Assembly
Created on October 18, 2011 at 08:11 PM


For years I have been cleaning this with a shotgun cleaning rod and brush.

However 2 weeks ago I swung by Harbor Freight and in the paintbrush/putty knife area they sell a pack of 9 tube brushes for $4.25. You can get metal or nylon brushes. I picked up the nylon ones and they do a perfect job of cleaning. 7 of the 9 brushes work great on my Classic, Legacy and Phoenix. Not to worry the 2 smallest brushes are perect for the Companion. Product code is 60931.

In fact if any of you are CPAP users the two smaller brushes can get in the nooks and cranies of CPAP dehumidifier.


Tom Kirkman

Fantastic. Thanks or sharing that information.