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Topic Title: Turkey and dressing
Created on November 7, 2011 at 04:20 AM


Can you cook turnkey (18 lb) stuffed with dressing? I see a lot of turnkey tips but no dressing. Thanks!

@ ChetMS

You can cook the turkey with dressing in the body cavity just like you would in an oven. My problem with that is if the internal temperature is not hot enough, the dressing can contain bacteria from the raw turkey.
My experience is if you get the temp in the dressing to a minimum of 160 degrees, the outside is usually overdone.
I haven't cooked dressing inside the turkey for several years.

Joe Ver

That's for a 18lb. turkey, what about a 14lb turkey?


I'm planning on doing the Turkey w/stuffing. Done many chickens and always come out perfect. Question is: Wife wants the drippings for gravy, so I'm planning on putting it in an aluminum pan to catch all the drippings. Has anyone ever done this and does it affect the cooking time.

@ Joe

See Turkey Dressing below!

@ Joe

Sorry, see Turkey Gravy a few posts down.